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Akademie der Künste — Alice-Salomon Schule — Boerne45 (Recording studio)   Bebop Tanzschule

Centro Nacional de la Artes (Mx)CIE Group Chez Cherie DasDUR (Recording studio) Ensemble Mosaik

Ensemble United Berlin Escuela Nacional de Música (Mx) — G. Ricordi & Co. Hugo Ball Restaurant INM Berlin

iTunes Festival Kulturbrauerei  — Largoland (Recording studio) Max-Schmelling-Halle

Mexico City's National Arts Museum (Mx) — NK — Berlin Nou Tango — Popschutz (Recording studio)

Proton (Recording studio) Radialsystem — Sector 3 Media GmbH Sidoni-Scharfe Stiftung — Sophiensaele

Sowieso Bar Tango Loft  — TEWAC Universität der künste VivaldiSaal Z-Bar


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***** "Very competent, expert and friendly coaching! We are very happy with the tuning of our piano and of course we will recomend Mr. Sandoval to our friends!!!" Ella Ziegler google 11.12.17 https://goo.gl/maps/FRhXRBf8XPM2

***** "Mr. Sandvogel tuned my piano incredible well. He is a master and knows how to listen an instrument from inside.  A concert-level work, absolutely Ernst Surberg  google 09.11.17 https://goo.gl/maps/5imxbLjsxnS2

***** Very precise, full sounding piano tuning Mr. Sandoval. Julius Holz Google https://goo.gl/maps/UkY5NtwrVcN2

***** "Hi Mr Sandvogel: my granddaughter and I are very happy with the tuning of the old piano and your service." Email - Mia-Charlotte und Karl-H. Lutz 03.12.17

***** "Mr. Sandvogel came over several times to tune my Bechstein, always to my satisfaction. I recommend him not just for his work, but for his competence and nice character." Mail - Bernd Nellissen 20.12.12

***** “Sandvogel is a lucky strike! He brought our old, nice piano back to life with so much love and engagment... and at a very fair price.” Mail - Familie Mahncke  18.12.2006

***** "A very reliable service. Always ready to answer questions and doubts. Great!" Mail - Ingrid M. 08.03.2013

***** “Carlos made a super job. Fast, uncomplicated and pleasant. Our old piano sounds back perfect!“  Mail - Christoph Blaser, Largoland Ton studio, Musik Produktion  17.09.2006

***** "...a quite reliable and competent piano tuner. We are very happy with his work" Mail - Kerstin Hansen-Klose  14.08.2006

***** "Fast, good work and really hard to find this price in Berlin!" Mail - Lukas Haunerland 14.08.2006

***** "I was very happy with your work.  It was quite efficient and your price-work ratio was very good." Mail - Christine Gralow  11.08.2006

***** "A fast, engaged and friendly service. Highly recommendable" Renate Stauss 10.08.2006

C. Sandoval

I studied Composition and Music-theory at the National School of Music-UNAM, in Mexico (1975-85). I studied piano-with P. Votta and C. Grajales, in New York, USA (1982). I made further studies in grand and upright pianotuning, design, construction and voicing at the Bösendorfer Klavier Fabrik in Vienna, Austria, where I got an Austrian certificate (1980-82). I was a piano-tuning teacher at the National School of Music-UNAM in Mexico (1989-91). I work as a piano tuner in Berlin since 2004. (Since 1983 in Mexico and USA ). German, Spanish and English

Carlos Sandoval  0177 599 46 24  —  berliner.klavier@gmail.com

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